OML 25: Sara-igbe Accuses Rivers State Government, Shell Of Arming Cultists In Kula

His Highness Anabs Sara – Igbe, a security expert and spokesman for the people of Niger Delta Forum, has raised alarm over the proliferation of illegal arms in the satellite settlement within the general area of OML 25 flow station in the Kula territory, Akuku-Toru local government area. Chief Anabs Sara-Igbe, an indigene of Kula community, the host community of OML 25, alleged that Shell and it’s collaborator, the Rivers State Government are arming cultists to forcefully re-open the oil platform.

Chief Sara-Igbe, who raised the alarm recently, called on all the relevant Security Operatives to rise to the occasion to avoid break down of law and order in the area which has been peaceful for the past two years.

According to him, “Even in Freetown, they are stock-piling arms, the joint task force; police and the department of state services (DSS), should go into action.” He emphasized that “this is not the time for us to wait till they take action before looking for a solution. Arms build-up is going on in this environment and I have been saying it consistently, the government should watch the waterway and also check out.”

Chief Sara-Igbe maintained that he has confidence in the Joint Task Force because he knows, they (JTF) will protect that facility. “Any unwarranted persons that come there, I’m sure they will deal with such persons.

“Force cannot help. They should learn from the Ogoni crisis. By the time these cultists start shooting into the gas plant, the whole place will go into flames and that is a multi-billion dollar investment,” he said. The Chief warned of the security implication and proliferation of illegal arms on lives and critical national economic assets in the area. He accused Shell of arming cultists to go to Belema flow station and forcefully eject the people and in the process there can be gun battle and they will force the people out, adding that for two years plus, the place has been peaceful and safe.

“No facility has been destroyed, nobody has been injured, no attack on anybody. But if they now want to do what they did last year, by sending thugs, the people of Kula are ready to resist them and in the process of resisting them, that place is highly inflammable, we have a gas plant and a flow station, any thing of gun shot might be dangerous to the people who are there and to those even invading.”

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