Hon. Rowland Sekibo Felicitate with Dr. Tammy Danagogo

Much as birthdays come once in a year, my family and I see you as one generational phenomenon that has come to make the world a better place.

A billion happy birthdays will not be enough to express our joy in God’s delight in preserving you that we see as our confident, visionary leader, source of joy, and a big brother. Your amiable, admirable, adorable, humble and selfless leadership and nature endear us even more and closer to you.

Your birthday recalls to our mind your being a great man of essence that has weaved in one role: legal professionalism, appreciable leadership landmark achievements and being a man given to service to God Almighty and humanity.

We are emphatically wishing you robust good health, prosperity, divine grace and blessings, LONG LIFE as well as all the best that a blissful life can offer. My family and I wish you a very quintessential happy birthday and many happy returns.


Hon. Rowland Sekibo

Chairman, Akuku- Toru L.G.A

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