Seinye: A Saintly Mother

Having read the publication that was obviously intended to excite the reader and incense gullible minds to cast aspersions on the person of Dr Mrs. Seinye O.B. Lulu-Briggs, the widow of revered elder statesman, High Chief Dr. O.B. Lulu-Briggs, Kalabari Times decided to investigate and gather the true facts about the assertions in the Rivers Ijaw Special Publication.

The editorial published in a Port Harcourt tabloid, Rivers Ijaw, sometime in September 2019, in the heat of the crisis rocking the O.B. Lulu-Briggs family, tried to present Dr. Mrs. Seinye O.B. Lulu-Briggs as a power-hungry murderer who would do everything possible to have her way.
Captioned: Agrippina Complex and the Lulu-Briggs Family Crisis, the author chronicled Agrippina’s inglorious, atrocious and mischievous escapades – how she sleekly, slimily and subtly snaked her way into Emperor Claudius’ life, in her ungodly quest to craftily hijack Claudius’ throne for her son, Nero.

In likening Dr. Mrs. Seinye O.B. Lulu–Briggs to Agrippina, the author tried to present her as a devil and murderer in order to please his pay master who is leading a faction of the O.B. Lulu-Briggs ‘family’ which comprises the late High Chief’s three eldest sons, which has vowed to fight Seinye and the family’s four other children to a standstill in their quest to achieve their selfish interests.

Also, by comparing Seinye to Agrippina, the author of the editorial sought to justify the murder accusation leveled against her by his benefactor who went as far as sending a petition about her to the Inspector-General of Police and demanding an investigation into the circumstances surrounding the death of his father.

Unfortunately for the author of the editorial and his sponsor, the preliminary findings of the autopsy which was conducted at the height of the investigation to ascertain the real cause of High Chief O.B. Lulu-Briggs’ death showed that he died of natural causes, thus exonerating his widow, Seinye, of the false and wicked murder accusation.

It is interesting to note that the autopsy was conducted on 19th July, 2019, in Ghana, while the editorial that sought to demonise and present Seinye as a killer in the mould of Agrippina was published in September, 2019 – two months after the autopsy confirmed that that there was no foul play in the passing of High Chief O.B. Lulu-Briggs. So, going ahead to still liken Seinye to Agrippina shows that her stepsons are deliberately out to malign and rubbish her. It is tantamount to calling a dog a bad name in order to hang it.

Seinye: A Saintly Mother
Thank goodness Dr. Mrs. Seinye O.B. Lulu–Briggs’ activities, exploits and track record in the course of her marriage to High Chief Dr. O. B. Lulu-Briggs for close to twenty years which due to the high public profile of the couple, portray her as a God-fearing loving wife and mother.
It was a known fact that High Chief O.B. Lulu–Briggs had health challenges for years before he died peacefully in Accra, Ghana. Other women could have taken advantage of the situation. Yet, at no time did Seinye use her position to hijack or control of the O.B. Lulu-Briggs multi-billion-naira business empire. Not even when the High Chief made her Vice Chairman of Moni Pulo Limited, one of the pioneer indigenous oil production company and left the running of their companies in her hands.

Instead, she chose to be more humble, loyal, loving, caring to him, giving him every reason to live longer. Their home was an oasis of love, peace and serenity, every bustling with family, friends and business associates from within and outside Nigeria. They loved to travel, often in the company of close family and friends. Despite their active social calendar Seinye, worked hard to increase and project her husband all through the time they lived as husband and wife and even since his passing.

Seinye, indeed, has been a God-sent saintly wife and mother to the O.B. Lulu-Briggs family and not the satanic murderer, Dumo his brothers, and accomplices are attempting to portray her to be. The very thought of her doing any harm to her beloved husband is laughable.
As a matter of fact, a source close to family that asked not to be named stated that Seinye’s persecutors have benefitted immensely – and perhaps are still benefitting – from her saintly motherliness and big heartedness, having severally drank from the milk of her human kindness despite their aggression and ill-intentions towards her.

Never Found Wanting
In the course of their marriage, Dr. Mrs. O. B. Lulu-Briggs was never found wanting in her role, as a wife , mother, friend and partner.
Rather than allow her husband’s trado-social-economic and religious stature to diminish because of his poor health, she stood by him and worked strategically to ensure that he was able to remain mobile and active in his varied leadership roles. Hence, many have noted that, remarkably, during the past two decades, with her full support and unfaltering loyalty and love, her husband, became the paramount head of Oruwari Briggs War Canoe House of Abonnema and earned several chieftaincy titles from communities across Nigeria. He also received honorary doctoral degrees and several civic citations honoring his illustrious accomplishments. These include, one of the highest Christian awards in Nigeria – Defender of the Christian Faith (DCF) – and the prestigious Distinguished Service Star of Rivers State (DSSRS) from the Rivers State Government during the state’s golden jubilee celebration. And for his nation building efforts and outstanding leadership as a distinguished elder Nigerian statesman he received the Nigerian National Honour, Order of the Officer of the Niger (OON) as well.

Moreso, to his wife delight, the High Chief, a man who had grown up knowing Christ, became born again and through his O.B. Lulu-Briggs Campaign for Christ began to do God’s work more vigorously during their marriage, building and planting churches,attending morning devotion fellowship/prayer meetings, church services, crusades, and supporting the work of churches across Nigeria.

His charitable and philanthropic giving which were legendary in his lifetime, expanded with his wife ever by his side reaching out to meet the needs for the most vulnerable and under-served particularly in the Niger Delta.

If Seinye was the abhorrent character as she is being presented by her detractors, she would not have devoted her time and energy taking care of her husband and building a stable serene home with him, adding more value to him and promoting his legacies thereby increasing his status, respectability, influence and the reputation of the .O.B. Lulu – Briggs family.

A Philanthropist Per Excellence
Dr. Mrs. Lulu-Briggs’s generosity is also well-known and widely welcomed. She is a woman who values life and loves humanity as those who grew up with her or know about her from childhood can attest. She does everything possible to save and protect rather than hurt. This explains why she has always invested most of her personal resources in charitable acts.

So great was her desire to care for the needy, the less privileged, the sick, the elderly, the destitute, the widows, the orphans and the abandoned and helpless. It was inevitable that she would establish a foundation to render these humanitarian services on a wider scale. As God would have it, she married the High Chief, a prolific giver whose generousity was boundless

It was therefore not a surprise to those around them when she established the O.B. Lulu-Briggs Foundation to give structure to his giving through a legal non-governmental organization structure. It has made so much impact in the lives of people that it has become a household name in Rivers State, the Niger Delta, Nigeria and beyond.

Dr. Mrs. O.B. Lulu-Briggs could easily have named the Foundation after herself like most women in her privileged position have done. But she is neither power-drunk nor an opportunist; she is smart and visionary. Through the O.B. Lulu-Briggs Foundation, she knew they could build a platform to carry out their philanthropic and charitable intentions sustainably.

The Foundation also organized numerous free medical missions across the Niger Delta, dished out free scholarship to indigent youths and children, provided clean, potable water for many communities.

It runs an elderly peoples home Biokpo, Abonnema through which it has saved and continues to save many elderly people some of who could have died long ago due to sickness, hunger, abandonment, and lack of material and spiritual care. Since it started supporting the elderlyin 2001, the Foundation has touched the lives of over 500 indigent senior citizens. Would the money-grabbing despicable character Agrippina the editorial erroneously attempts to liken to Mrs. Lulu-Briggs bother to spend hard-earned resources on such people?

A Mother to the Youth
Dr. Mrs. Seinye O.B. Lulu-Briggs has proved severally through her activities that she is not just a mother to her children alone but to all the Nigerian youth, who make up the largest demographic of our populace.

For instance, her Foundation’s youth empowerment programmes have, continued to transform the lives of youth in Rivers State and the Niger Delta Region. The region has witnessed a rise in youth restiveness leading to an upsurge of militancy, oil pipeline vandalism, etc., due to lack of job opportunities, high rate of hunger and poverty. This is the result of years of underdevelopment allegedly occasioned by government neglect.
By empowering some of these youth with skills acquisition, provision of jobs and scholarships through her Foundation, Dr Mrs. O.B. Lulu-Briggs has contributed in reducing the rate of youth restiveness in Rivers State in particular and Niger Delta and Nigeria at large. And she is committed to doing more in this regard.


A Good Manager of Her Husband’s Health and Wealth
Through her efficient and prudent management of the O.B. Lulu-Briggs family’s resources, Dr. Mrs. Lulu-Briggs has, rather than waste her family’s resources through extravagant spending as some of today’s materialistic women do, further consolidated and increased the family’s fortunes, even to the amazement of those fighting, maligning and assassinating her character.

Everyone in Abonnema, Kalabari land, Rivers State, Niger Delta, Nigeria, Ghana, Lebanon, USA (Houston, Texas)and UK (London)- (especially in the hospitals where High Chief O.B. Lulu-Briggs used to be treated) who knows about the health challenges of the High Chief, is aware and can testify that were it not for his loving, caring wife, he (High Chief Dr. O.B. Lulu-Briggs) would not have lived 88 years. He would have died some ten years ago or thereabout.

While some woman would, indeed, have capitalized on her husband’s frail healthto manipulate and take over his wealth, Dr Mrs. Seinye was busy working and praying for her husband to recover and live longer. Many still marvel how she spent millions of dollars to keep him alive – and will readily tell you- “It’s his money. If it’s not spent on him who will it be spent on?”

She was more interested in standing as one with him and jointly serving God and humanity with him. In modern history, hardly, does anybody who suffers Parkinson’s disease (for which there is no cure) in his/her seventies reach 88 years let alone when other complicated medical issues are involved, as was the case with the High Chief.

The former Catholic Pontiff, Pope John Paul II, suffered fromParkinson’s disease and with all of the best medical attention Vatican City could provide for him, he managed to reach 84 years.

Similarly, the late great former World Heavy Weight Boxing Champion, Mohammed Ali, also had Parkinson’s. Despite having access to the best medical services, the United States of America, the most sophisticated country in the world in terms of medical science, could provide, Ali did not live beyond 72 years. Yet, High Chief Dr. O.B. Lulu-Briggs, without having ready access to the type of medical facilities available to these two great world figures, lived longer. By the grace of God, only the extra care provided by a loving wife could have done that! Witnesses confirmed that the High Chief also commended for the manner in which he just kept living his life as fully as he could despite his failing health. Together they were a formidable powerful couple.

It is on record that when High Chief O.B. Lulu-Briggs slipped into coma in 2016 and was on life support, his doctors in London surmised that the chances of recovery were very bleak. It got a stage when they even tried to discourage his wife, from further spending any more money on him, telling her that the High Chief was already gone, and he had no chance of recovery.

However, she adamantly refused to give up hope of her husband’s full recovery, indicating her readiness to keep spending money on him if that would help sustain him. Her stubbornness paid off as the High Chief eventually to the doctors astonishment regained consciousness. Kudos to Seinye and the living God that she serves; He heard the cries of a virtuous woman whom He loves and decided to bring her husband back to her, to show that He is happy with her. How else can anyone describe this woman of inestimable value?


Seinye: A Virtuous Woman
In April 2018, High Chief Dr. O.B. Lulu-Briggs and his wife, Dr. Mrs. Seinye O.B. Lulu-Briggs, became the first non-Catholic couple to be awarded the Distinguished Couples Award by the Catholic Women’s Organization in Port Harcourt. Speaking about the award, Lady Nene Alice Vic-Benibo, secretary of CWO at St Francis Catholic Church, Rumuokwuta, Port Harcourt and Organizing Chairperson of the 2018 CWO Week award ceremony, stated that, “I’ve never seen a couple exhibit the kind of love they have for each other. It’s the same love that made her (Mrs.Seinye O.B.Lulu-Briggs) to get an air ambulance all the way from the UK to convey her husband down there. Some other women would not do that. When their husbands are indisposed, it’s an opportunity of siphoning or diverting money but she would not.”

There is no other better adjective to use in describing Dr Mrs. Seinye O.B. Lulu-Briggs than ‘virtuous.’ And as a virtuous woman, she deserves to be praised and honoured, as the bible enjoins:

“Many daughters have done virtuously, but thou excellest them all. Favour is deceitful and beauty is vain; but a woman that fears the Lord, shall be praised. Give her of the fruit of her hands; and let her own works praise her in the gate,” Proverbs 32:29-31.

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