Nyemoni COVID 19 Relief Management And Administration Committee

Dear Professor Emeritus Nimi Dimkpa Briggs,

In view of the unavoidable sufferings experienced by our people as a result of the need to ‘stay-at-home’ in a bid to avoid the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic flu in Abonnema, it has become necessary for the Abonnema Council of Chiefs and all of us as a people, to jointly find ways and means to ameliorate the effects of the ‘lockdown’ on our people.

Furthermore, we need to provide for our people, some personal protection materials such as masks, sanitizers, soap etc, which may be absent or in short supply at this moment in Abonnema. Even when these items are available, the costs remain prohibitive for our people.
Expectedly, the lockdown has resulted in the shutdown of regular markets and loss of jobs and income for our people, who regularly eke out a living on a day to day basis.

After due consultations, we are therefore putting together a community based Committee to raise awareness of this deadly virus, raise funds and food items including safety materials, for the benefit of our people including persons living and working in Abonnema such as health officials.

Nyemoni (Abonnema) is blessed with a large pool of very committed and honest people. In view of the sensitive nature of this assignment and the requirement of a high level of probity,
Members of the committee have therefore been selected from this large pool of very committed Nyemoni people.
The members selected includes but may not be limited to the following persons:
1. Emeritus Prof. Nimi Dimkpa Briggs- CHAIRMAN.
2. Chief Prof Felix Ideria – VICE
3. Chief. Engineer Austin Bob-Manuel – SECRETARY
4. Oruwari Compound Youth Leader
5. Chief Prof Ibiba R Jack
6. Chief Senibo A Gabriel Whyte
7. Chief Digibusiri Standfast Jack
8. Iju Compound Youth Leader
9. Chief Prof Oruambo
10. Obong Odoloiyi Lolomari
11. Chief Boma Tam Pedro
12. Chief Ibiba Ambie Georgewill
13. Otaji Youth Leader
14. Chief Prof Kelvin Bob-Manuel
15. Elder Tom Fabyan
16. Chief Ipalibo Peters Manuel
17. Chief Alaye Oweredaba
18. Owukori Compound Youth Leader
19. Hon. Rowland Sekibo, AKULGA Chairman
20. President, Kengema Mina Ogbo
21. President, Nyemoni Asawo
22. President, Nyemoni Awo
23. President, Minapu Ogbo
24. Primate Nimi John Fynface ( Nyemoni Church, Abonnema)
25. Ven. Boma Briggs (St. Augustine’s Church, Abonnema)
26. President, Market Women
27. Dr.Tynesson Ajie, President– Nyemoni Improvement Society (NIS)
28. Secretary NIS
29. Chairman – Abonnema Community Trust, Chief Biokpo Bestman
30. Chairman DAA3 Cluster Board, Christian Sekibo Jr.

Please, feel free to suggest any adjustments or additions to this list which shall constitute the ‘Coronavirus Management and Administration Committee.

You are to approve all disbursements of funds and operate the designated bank accounts.

You are also to identify secured holding areas for relief materials and take control or give directions for distribution of relief materials.

While thanking you for accepting this onerous task for the good of Nyemoni, please accept the assurances and warm regards of the Abonnema Council of Chiefs.

guru Administrator
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guru Administrator
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