ASALGA 2021; I Come with Peace



“A time like this demands strong minds,

Great heart, true faith and ready hands,

Men whom the lust of the office does not kill,

Men whom the spoils of the office cannot buy,

Men who can stand before a demagogue and damn his treacherous flatteries without winking,

Strong men, sun crowned men, who live above the fog in Public duty and Private thinking”.


G Halland in his piece titled “God give us men”


Born on the 23rd of July to the Christian family of late Elder Cathechrist and Mrs. Abarikia Francis Wokoma in Buguma City the headquarters of the Asari-Toru LGA; Bro. Sele Francis truly fits so well into the above quotation from G. Halland.


Bro Sele  Francis,  married to Mrs Okorinama Sele Francis, also an Asalgan from Buguma (ward 4) and blessed with four children viz Obakam, Ibikiabo, Lolia and Ibioku.


Following his Christian background, he was elected to serve the Youths of his Church- The African Church Youth Association ACYA as Secretary (200-2006) in Rivers State and Chairman (2007-20111).


In 2014- 2018, Bro. Sele Francis became the National President of The African Church Youths Association, the first to be so elected outside the South West zone of the Country since its advent over 50 years  ago.  Bro. Sele Francis was a member of the Executive Council of the National Youth Council of Nigeria (NYCN) Rivers state Chapter as her welfare secretary ( 2012-2014) and member of the National Management Committee of the NYCN (2014-2018)


By dint of hand work coupled with his inate and visionary leadership, BSF as he is fondly called was appointed as the Secretary of Asari-Toru Local Government Council (SLG) in 2002.


He was also appointed as the Honorable Supervisor for Health and Social Welfare Services in Asalga in 2007


As a very promising and focused Youth Leader, Bro Sele Francis (BSF) became the option when the need to inject fresh impetus into the challenging youth activities in the LGA became imperative.


He was thus appointed as the Honorable Supervisor for Youths and Sports in 2009; a task he performed to the admiration of all.


Bro. Sele Francis was the Secretary of the Kalabari PDP Stakeholders Forum.


He was also the Secretary of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) Asalga chapter – 2013- 2020


He is presently the secretary of the Wike Solidarity Movement (WSM), Asalga chapter.


Bro. Sele Francis was the Executive Secretary of GDI Asalga Contact and Mobilization Committee. And played a major role in laying the Foundation GDI in the LGA.


He was a major contender in the 2018 LGA Chairmanship Election and has remained loyal and commited to the party from its inception in 1999 till date.


BSF is tactful, self-motivated, disciplined, and proficient in human and material management and he is experienced in analytical politics


  1. He has the ability to handle pressure and stress. He is open to continuous learning and charge. He has unlimited interest in team work to achieve set organization goals/objectives and can work with little or no supervision.

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