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*TRUST and LOYALTY :* Barr. Ibiene Cotton Amachree, a chieftain of the All Progress Congress, Rivers State, bears his mind on the principle of Trust and Loyalty in relation to politics and governance.

According to him
“There Is No Need To Betray God If You Want God To Trust You.

Prophets and servants of God in the old were faithful and they never betrayed God. They were faithful followers of God having being chosen by Him.

Moses, Isaiah, Abraham, Elijah, Elisha, Job and so many others, were faithful servants, followers and men of God. Infact, in the case of Job, he was tempted beyond measures, his strength almost failed him, his wife like Eve to Adam was neither helpful, and everything went the opposite. Job lost his property, children and everything he ever worked for or gained in life.

Job was persecuted and tormented with sicknesses and diseases without cure, his health failed him and he was rendered helpless and hopeless. He lived no life, and was like a walking corpse, weak and impotent like the vegetable.

In all of these circumstances and situations, Job never said any negative thing against God or betrayed God. Mind you, Job was not a spirit but flesh and blood like every other human being. Infact, his loyalty increased and his faith incomparable. Needless to bother us the Bible quotations because this write-up is not preaching intended and knowing that, this story is notorious.

I took the Bible stories to hereafter illustrate further of this write-up because almost everybody read the Bible and those that have not read it or cannot read, may have heard or been told about the story and of course, because the Bible being a book of ages and which has stayed the test of time. Moderately speaking, it has being a source of stay and help to mankind and society and the World has learnt a lot of lessons from it.

Today, is not about discussing the Bible but picking from it lessons it ever taught. And of course, in the new Order of the new testament, Jesus de Christ chose His disciples to work with Him in the vineyard of God for humanity and society. ALL the disciples were faithfully in service, loyally and committed except Judas Iscariot who was ultimately rewarded in the coin of his actions.
It is my prayers that nobody is the Judas Iscariot in this life journey.

Many and infact, all the Apostles followed and served God diligently, loyally and with all the devotion. In all of the few stories and many more unmentioned, God saw their faithfulness and loyalty and rewarded them in trust and blessed them.

God reasoned with Adam in the garden of Eden and this relationship was borne out of trust. God trusted Adam because Adam was loyal. However, Adam was punished for his disloyalty and disobedience and which punishment is the burden on mankind till today, according to Bible account.

This analogy tells us that there is reward, reward of blessings for loyalty and service. Ultimately, loyalty brings trust. Trust is weightier than love. God said, love your neighbour as yourself ; God did not say, trust your neighbour. Some may love you but may not confide in you.
To Trust is deeper, that is putting your life on line. Trust and loyalty are earned. Trust, is not easy to come by and that is why, it is murderous when you betray trust or loyalty.

People love many but trust few. Jesus Christ had many disciples but He had 12, whom I consider He trusted.
The parlour of a building may be for everyone but the inner room is certainly for few trusted persons.

In Politics and government, when you are elected or appointed into positions of authority, your appointment is at the pleasure of your appointor, meaning, in most cases, you were trusted or your nominee. Serving in government is a privilege and a function of loyalty and trust.

Appointment and serving in government earned people the privilege in leadership. And you hear more, know more and see more yet you will say or do little or nothing because of the secrecy of oath and being the case of collective responsibility. Infact, you cannot be careless with information whether in or out government because what you did or that of government including decisions at meetings remains a privilege secret. You know the things you know because you were in government, in that meeting or in the leadership and privileged with information. You cannot and should not betray the confidence or trust reposed in you and the devotion to it, is to keep a sealed lips whether in or out of government, that is loyalty and trust.

When you start saying the things you know, the information at your disposal, decisions at meetings or who did what and who did not, is helplessly worst than Judas Iscariot. Mutiny is the punishment in the Military.
You were never worth the trust, meaning, you can and will always do it anytime elsewhere, this means, you were never loyal and can never be trusted.

*You can figure out yourself !*

Never betray a trust and do not betray loyalty no matter the grievances. Trust and loyalty have their reward as untrust and disloyalty.

*People can move on in life without necessarily betraying the trust reposed in them or the loyalty given.*

I am passionate about people who keep relationship and also, people who can keep the trust and loyalty no matter the situation whether in good times or in bad times, whether in or out government and not the fair-weather friends or allies or those that speak ill about others.

Don’t treat any relationship like a piece of tissue paper or boastful or arrogant that you will never have anything to do with someone or group of people because of the bad experiences you had from them or the “wicked” things they did to you. Remember, that they are also human beings fallible like you. Though you may avoid them.

No body is perfect and in this World of deep seated misgivings, there is no way people can possibly be inoffensive to each other or rather satisfying to one another.
Our imperfections are because we are human beings.

Do not jump the ship carelessly all the time, you may not be taking seriously or confided with serious matters or decisions no matter the role you play.

*Think about it !*

Thank you and may God Bless you”!

*Barr. Ibiene Cotton Amachree.*

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